73 (2008) trailer

“Reality is what they want you to see…”

A young pregnant woman escapes from her corporate sponsor to seek freedom for herself and her unborn child and to set in motion a plan to bring down the autonomous organization. When she meets an immigrant shop owner with everything to lose, will she be turned in or helped to achieve her goal or will the armed agents of the omnipresent organization catch up with them both first?

73 Cast:
Paula Wilson
Jeanine T. Abraham
Ricky Watler
Pamela D. Jennett (aka BAASSIK)
Desmond Y. Rudder
Florence Garvey
Jean Francois Conte
Aliou Diallo
Anthony Rackley
La Sonya Gunter
Alex Almeida
J. Scott Jones
M. Asli Dukan

73 Crew:
Writer/Producer/Director: M. Asli Dukan
Assistant Director: Angel L. Brown
Cinematographer: Yvie Raij
Production Designer: Mark Gebel
Editor: M. Asli Dukan
VFX Designer: J. Scott Jones
Wardrobe Designer: Carlton Jones/carltonjonesNYC.com
…..Jeanine’s wardrobe from Joanna Mastroianni
…..courtesy of Studio Dee Services
Make-Up Designer/Special Effects Make Up Designer: La Sonya Gunter
…..courtesy of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics/occmakeup.com
Make Up Designer Assistant: Alex Almeida
Hair Designer: Shane Leon
Assistant Camera: Kemah Freeman-Keita
Script Supervisor: Clarivel Ruiz
Production Manager: Ada Pinkston
Key Grip: Anthony Rackley
Gaffer: Miguel Jerez
Sound Mixer/Boom: Wade Vantrease
Catering: Dorine Horn
…..Tiffany Horn Copeland, Imani Horn, Khadejah Horn, TJ Copeland
Production Assistant: K. P. Sherman
Production Assistant: Tamiko Hall
Production Assistant: Marcos Bianculli
Production Assistant: Zack Gebel
Theme Music: Jay Reid
Additional Music: Jeremiah Hosea, Oja