Speculations… The White Fantastic Imagination

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In March of 2015, I presented at the conference called Speculative Humanities: Steampunk to Afrofuturism at Essex County College in Newark, New Jersey. The title of my audio-visual presentation was The White Fantastic Imagination and the Invisible Universe. In my 20 minute time slot, I talked primarily about the research I have been doing for […]

Speculations… Behind the Mask: Black Actors as Aliens

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James Earl Jones speaks about his voicing of the Darth Vader character. Images of Black people in science fiction films have often mirrored the inadequacies of other film genres by under-representing, misrepresenting or deleting the Black body from the narrative. However it came as quite a surprise to me when I came upon this little […]

Speculations… S. Torriano Berry interview

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Steven Torriano Berry is an American film producer, writer and director. He directed Noh Matta Wat!, the first Belizean dramatic television series, which first aired on 28 November 2005. A native of Kansas City, Kansas, Berry was raised in Des Moines, Iowa. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree at Arizona State University, he entered the Master’s […]