Orishas (2001) trailer

“Ancient African gods in modern day New York City”

What if the Yoruban Orisha, Oya, was called to earth but loses her memory of who she is on her journey there? She wanders modern day Harlem encountering its present day inhabitants and other gods in disguise as she tries to understand her reason for existence in this modern day setting.

Orishas Cast:
Jo Olivieira
Louisa Brown
Wali Muhammad
Dorine Horn
Yor-el Francis
Duane Vargas

Orishas Crew:
Writer/Producer/Director: M. Asli Dukan
Cinematographer: Miguel Jerez
…..additional camera by Yat-Hong Chow, M. Asli Dukan
Assistant Director: Clarivel Ruiz
Lighting: Yat-Hong Chow
Production Design: Leah Williams
Associate Producer: Faith Pennick
Production Assistant: Dmitri Bougakov
Production Assistant: Kelly Merriwether
Editing/Sound Design: M. Asli Dukan, Clarivel Ruiz
Music: Colleen “Max” Fisher