Production Companies :
Mizan Media Productions
Trust Life Releases

Producers : M. Asli Dukan, Hanifah Walidah, Olive Demetrius
Director : M. Asli Dukan
Director of Photography : Olive Demetrius
Editor : M. Asli Dukan

Cast in order of appearance:
KeKe Hawkins
Hanifah Walidah

“Do You Mind” (2008)

Music video used to promote the 2008 documentary, U People.

Hanifah Walidah is a musician, playwright, educator and social arts activist. Her rich 20 year career has taken an ethnographic approach to the arts and social change. Her most recent project is the feature length award winning rocumentary U People. U People was the first LGBT focused film to be screened at the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis creating a much needed bridge between the gay rights movement and its relationship with the larger black-American populace. In addition she tours internationally with the neofunk band the Brooklyn Funk Essentials and is currently writing a musical theater piece titled “Go In and Let Have” featuring new music by her band Black Patti. More information found at

HD, 4:24 minutes

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