Editor : M. Asli Dukan

Footage courtesy of the Invisible Universe documentary.

“L. A. Banks tribute video” (2011)

“I will remember Leslie Esdaile Banks as a consummate example of creativity and focus as a writer, one who never lost sight of the idea that images in art often shape world perceptions of people and cultures. I will remember her ambition and her hustle as a writer, sometimes at the mercy of life’s challenges but always for the love of doing what she loved to do. I will also remember how she supported me on numerous occasions with encouragement, time, money and how she even opened her home to me twice when I was just beginning to work on my documentary, Invisible Universe. For these things, I am forever grateful. And with all that being said, I will remember her most of all for her big, heartfelt laughs.”

SD, 3:34 minutes