Set in a dystopian, near-future, West Philadelphia, this prologue episode follows a stealthy hacker’s attempts to dismantle the surveillance tools used by the police to control her community after she learns that two young activists have been tracked down and brutally beaten by riot cops.

Resistance is a six-part, speculative fiction, web series that introduces the audience to a world where a clandestine collective of Philadelphia residents mobilize to resist police violence and the authoritarian government embedded in their city.

Inspired by films like Mamoru Oshii’s Avalon (2001), Lizzie Borden’s Born in Flames (1983), Sam Greenlee’s The Spook Who Sat By The Door (1973) and Gillo Pontecorvo’s The Battle of Algiers (1967), the series uses the genres of speculative fiction to tell a historically rich and dramatically complex near-future narrative about the struggle for justice and liberation.

In addition, the series will also primarily collaborate with Philadelphia based actors, artists, musicians and media makers, as well as with and within the West Philadelphia community to bring the world of the RESISTANCE to life.

Past and future collaborators include:

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