Production Company :
Mizan Media Productions

Producer : M. Asli Dukan
Director : M. Asli Dukan
Directors of Photography :
Michael P. Britto
Yat-hong Chow
Editor : M. Asli Dukan

Jerome Jordan
Jeremiah Hosea
Mark Robohm
Carla Gomez
Jason DiMatteo
Julia Kent
Jeannie Oliver
Kirk Douglas
Maritri L. Garrett

“Tamar-kali EPK” (2001)

Tamar-kali crafts aggressive melodic rock spun around a voice that will shake your foundation and shatter your expectations with its soulful intensity.

The uninitiated may have initially discovered Tamar-kali through her appearances in the award winning documentary Afropunk and the Focus Features’ award winning film Pariah, with clips of incendiary performances and soundtrack contributions providing a glimpse of her unsung talent.

A Tamar-kali performance is a study in a soul yearning to break free of its earthly bounds. There are moments when her voice soars amidst a flurry of hardcore guitar riffs, earth shaking shimmies and gyrations that you believe you may just witness its escape. Her independent artistry, eclectic sound and versatility have allowed her to perform on variety of domestic and international stages with a diverse list of artists from Paramore and Fishbone to Jean Grae and The Roots.

SD, 8:50 minutes