Skin Folk

“The skin hides the horrors inside us all…”

Skin Folk is a three part, feature length, anthology horror film based on the work of the award-winning, speculative fiction (SF) writer, Nalo Hopkinson, to be directed by two, emerging filmmakers, M. Asli Dukan and Miguel Jerez. The stories, which take place in modern day, New Orleans are based on Afro-Caribbean folklore and concern human morality within the supernatural realms of soucouyants (vampires), gangers (dopplegangers/ghosts) and zombies told through the eyes of a mysterious character.

“Years after Hurricane Katrina brought death and destruction to New Orleans, a similar but angrier storm, unleashes a “revengeful spirit”, a woman abused and discarded to the bottom of the sea eons earlier. She emerges from the murky waters of the Gulf Coast, soaking in a ruined dress and veil of seaweed. Her eyes are dark and cavernous. Her mouth shaped in the form of an eternal soundless scream. She passes through the streets of New Orleans, unseen by most, to bring us three cautionary tales of those who tread the waters of the wicked. These are their stories…”

In the tradition of Twilight Zone: The Movie, Creepshow and Tales from the Darkside, from the mind of award winning SF writer, Nalo Hopkinson and re-imagined through the original vision of filmmaker, M. Asli Dukan come three horrifying tales from New Orleans.

These three tales of wanton pride, stifled love and oppressive greed will have you crawling in your own skin!

Skin Folk, the motion picture is a feature length anthology horror film and is currently in early production.