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The Healing Box (part one of The Maria Trilogy)

The Healing Box, est. 2020 (tbd)

This interactive, multimedia project constructs a space for healing by subverting a central idea from the science fiction novel and film, Dune. In the story, a matriarchal order uses “The Box” to cause the sensation of pain, with the goal of teaching adherents to control their instincts and to raise awareness. The Healing Box subverts this methodology by proposing a matrilineal box that centers healing and connection to raise awareness, by collecting and sharing the personal experiences of five generations of women from my family who have suffered from the consequences of illness in societies that have pushed their well-being to the margins.

Resistance Time Portal

Resistance Time Portal, 2017 (20 x 14 x 16 inches)

A mixed-media, augmented-reality installation project where viewers engage with a futuristic video communications booth in person and/or via a smartphone by scanning an augmented reality interface, to gain access to “hidden” revolutionary messages transmitted by members of a collective of underground resistance workers from a near-future, dystopian West Philadelphia.

This work made its debut as part of the Time Camp 001 program and interactive installation by Black Quantum Futurism, in collaboration with Icebox Project Space’s Distance≠Time exhibition and performance in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2017. 
A young person engages with the Resistance Time Portal.