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The Wall”, Obsidian, Speculating Futures: Black Imagination & the Arts, 40th Anniversary issue, Spring 2017The Wall is a speculative fiction short film script I wrote in 2013 about a socialist, Venezuelan news crew coming to Harlem in 2023 to do a news story about three residents and how they are affected by the social and legal ramifications of gentrification. This script had three inspirations – the first, a video news report I saw about checkpoints in Hebron and the Gaza Strip in Palestine; the second, a report from the Center for Constitutional Rights called “Stop and Frisk – The Human Impact”, and the third, my experience of living and working in Harlem for 17 years and experiencing how the community changed drastically over that time period. 

An Immerse Response: Centering people, their connections and their ideas”, Immerse, Dec 2016 – A response essay written for the Immerse nonfiction storytelling blog on the article, “How Can We Use New Storytelling Tools to Explore Visionary Futures?”